I’ve spent many years developing internet companies while pursuing a passion for the creative process. Science fiction writing is one of them.

My debut novel, FUSION was published in March 2015 and follows the exploits of Charles Gardner and Madelaine Duchamp as they try to foil a plot to destroy the massive ITER fusion reactor, while it prepares for activation. Pursued by killers and hunted by deadly micro-drones, it’s a fast paced techno-thriller.

The new novel, Colony One Mars, is set three years after the last message from Earth’s first colony on Mars. The story follows Dr. Jann Malbec and her fellow crew as they set off to the red planet to investigate what happened at Colony One. But, what they uncover threatens the future existence of the entire human race.

You can read Colony One Mars, as it happens, at gerrymkilby.com

I currently live in Dublin, Ireland with my family, and a dog called Loki.