Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has successfully launched a rocket into space.

Blue Origin, the start-up space company that Bezos is involved in, has successfully launched the New Shepard rocket. What’s more, they managed to land the main stage back on earth. This is something SpaceX has tried to do for a while, with no success.

The vehicle has the capability to carry six people to just above 100km in altitude., which it reached during Monday’s test, topping out at 100.5km. The main stage is designed to take off and land vertically so that it can be used time and time again. You can see in the video that unit touched down just a few off its landing pad.  The pressurised passenger capsule however,  separates from the main stage and carries on into the edge of space, before it too returns to make a soft touchdown using parachutes. The idea of a fully reusable space vehicle has been the dream on many, including SpaceX. But it looks like today belongs to Jeff & Blue Origin.

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