Here is a list of some of the books, blogs and videos that helped me greatly on the path to understanding the craft of writing.


On Writing : Steven King. Part autobiography part instruction manual. Practical advice direct from the master.

On Writing Well: William Zinsser. Written more that thirty years ago this is more about writing in general not just fiction. Excellent book.

Story: Robert McKee. The best book I’ve read so far on story writing, highly recommend it. The focus is on screen writing but most of it translates to writing novels and short stories.

A Newbies Guide To Publishing: JA. Konrath. Mainly a collection of posts from his blog, it gives a wealth of advice for new and aspiring writers.


2,000 to 10,000. This is a new one I’ve just read. It’s short but very good. The key takeaway is ‘know what your’re going to write before you start’. Rachel Aaron males this point very well in this book. Also has some good advice on finishing and editing.


VIDEOS Excellent series of video interviews with some great tips and advice.



NATHAN BRANSFORD : The writing advice database.

Plot to Punctuation : Like it says on the tin.

Finishing your Novel : Some great advice on getting it over the line.


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