Three years after all contact is lost with the first colony on Mars, a new mission arrives to investigate what remains.

It’s not long before Biologist, Jann Malbec, begins to uncover a deadly secret, one that threatens not just the crew but everyone on Earth.

She must find answers, and fast. Otherwise none of them are going home.

The sole survivor of the ISA mission is now stranded on Mars, alone and abandoned. That is, until another human shows up in the main colony airlock.

He has come from the mining outpost, a place they had assumed was long dead.

She now must attempt the journey across the crater to investigate. Otherwise, her only future is to die alone on Mars.

New missions are on their way to gain control of the extraordinary genetic technology of the colony. But this means turning the colonists into nothing more than lab rats. Worse, they are prepared to go to war with each other.

But Dr. Jann Malbec has a secret that could save the colonists. But, by using it she could doom Earth to a planet wide pandemic.

Yet she must choose. Earth or Mars—which is is going to be?


In the glamorous port of Monte Carlo an ex-surveillance expert witnesses the brutal murder of a woman on-board a super yacht.

As he investigates he uncovers a plot to blow up ITER, the massive experimental fusion reactor, before it goes live.

With time running out, and hunted by deadly micro-drones, he must find a way to avert this catastrophe. Otherwise, the south of France will become an irradiated wasteland.