The only survivor of the ill-fated ISA mission is now stranded on Mars. Having been designated a bio-hazard by Earth, any hope of returning home is all but gone. She is alone, isolated, and abandoned.

That is, until another human shows up in the main colony airlock. However, he’s barely alive and soon dies without regaining consciousness. More disturbing though, a DNA test identifies him as a colonist who has already died, several years earlier — impossible as that may be.

Nevertheless, there is only one place he could have come from, the mine on the far side of the Jezero crater — Colony Two. An outpost they had presumed was long dead. But if he survived, maybe there are others still alive?

She now has no choice but to attempt the dangerous journey across the crater to investigate. Because if she doesn’t find some answers soon, her only future is to die alone on Mars.

Colony Two Mars is a great action-adventure extension of the original story line. I enjoyed it even more than the first. Great characters, good pacing, engaging premise. If you liked Colony One Mars, then you'll definitely want to continue on. If you haven't read either, download both and light one off the other. There's a set-up for a third. Looking forward to it.

Liked it even better than the original

Great story!!! I didn't see the twist coming, and I enjoyed that aspect of the book. Not to technical to get boring if your not a science geek, but enough to explain systems and practices so that you do understand the environment. Waiting for your next book.

Great story

This book was just as good as the last and managed to be unique. I do wish the books were a little longer, but I appreciate that the author doesn't waste time with boring or useless information. There are many interesting ideas about cloning, stem cells here and genetic engineering, and this is what made the book so good..

Once again excellent story.