Some cover ideas for the new book – Jezero City

Now that book four in the Colony Mars series has been packed off to my editor, it’s time to work on the cover. So far I come up with a few ideas, all loosely based on the theme of the book. Time has moved on in the colony so…

I decided to tell a whole new story. All the same character from the trilogy are here, but there’s quite a few new ones as well. I can’t say more than that, other than the inspiration for the story came from Elon Musk’s idea for terraforming Mars using nukes!

You can check out more on Musk’s idea here.


  • James says:

    Any likely release date for this? (I like cover #1 BTW!)

    • Looking like mid July. I don’t know the exact date yet. It’s going through the edit process at the moment. I also, in my madness, decided to get some maps done. I’ve always loved maps in books, and the story in this one takes place over a wide range of locations. But they should be finished this week.

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