Elon Musk’s ideological modus operandi has always been to make humanity an interplanetary species. So today, at International Astronautical Congress (IAC), he has unveiled his vision on how this is going to happen. And it’s on a truly grand scale.

He showcased a colonisation plan utilising a fully reusable transportation system that can take a hundred people or more, on a fun ride to Mars, in 60 days or less. The ultimate objective is to build a self-sustaining colony of a million people within a 100 years.

But, this was no grand dream, or some wild fantasy. Musk laid out, step by step, in broad technical detail how it will be done, and how SpaceX has been progressing with the building of this transportation system.

If this was anyone other than Musk you might say, that’s very visionary, and leave it at that. But SpaceX have a history of pulling off the seeming impossible in space transportation technology.

He even intimated that the price of a seat could be as low as €140k. So if I start saving now maybe I can get a deposit down for a ticket on the first launch sometime around 2023. That’s just 7 years away.

But as Musk says himself, “timelines are not my strong point”.



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