Commander Scott McNabb and the four crew of an asteroid survey vessel, discover a derelict spaceship out at the very edge of the Belt. It contains a long-lost quantum device originally destined for a research colony on Europa. 

The crew needs to get this device back to Ceres if they are to claim the salvage bonus, something that Scott desperately wants if he is to have any chance of clearing off his considerable debts and starting a new life.

However, news of the discovery is out, and now every power in the solar system is chasing them down trying to get their hands on this technology—by any means possible. It also doesn’t help that their ship’s AI is secretly plotting a very different course of action.

Yet, after a lifetime of running and hiding, Scott’s not sure if he has what it takes to get the device safely back to Ceres—maybe he really is just one of life’s perpetual losers. Then again, there is a deep river of rage welling up inside him, born out of a lifetime of countless accumulated injustices, each one inching him ever closer to the edge—and this could be the one that finally makes him snap.