Every since I was a kid I’ve been waiting for the flying car to finally arrive. Back then I thought we would all be zipping through the sky in our cool space-age vehicles by the year 2000, at the very latest… I’m still waiting. As are most of you that are of an age to remember watching the moon landings. But now it seems we will soon be put out of our misery…

Recently there has been renewed development in this type of transport. Particularly with the rise of drone technology. This concept from Airbus looks like the most ambitious of all.  A combination of electric car, drone technology and autonomous control… coupled with a large dollop of Italian styling.

However, don’t hold your breath. Because judging by their promo video, it is designed for really, really good-looking people only 😉

That said, if you still can’t wait, well you’re in luck. Dubai is to launch driverless flying cars by this summer, 2017. They’re doing this in collaboration with the Chinese firm Ehang, which has just carried out the first test run of an autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) capable of carrying a human, the Ehang 184. You can check it out below.


More on Airbus Pop.Up here.

More on the Dubai launch here.


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