I finally starting getting some feedback from beta-readers over the last week and the responses are all very positive. Nothing major has jumped out, no plot holes found and no one died of boredom. So that’s good.

Rather than get over animated by every criticism, I’ve adopted the view that I need to hear the same thing from at least two beat-readers before it ends up on the ‘fix’ list. Which seems to work pretty well as the comments, so far, underscore my own thinking on the book.

The main feedback is everybody enjoyed the book, some even loved it. And that’s a real big deal for a guy writing a first novel.

So it looks like I’m on the right track and it won’t take me too long to make all the changes. Then it’s on to the hard task of editing and proofing, that’s a job I’m not looking forward to.

Nonetheless I’m still hoping for a February 2015 publish date. Fingers crossed.




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