MacGyver gets a sex change.

By February 28, 2015Blog, FILM / TV, Technology


As a kid, I loved watching MacGyver and his ability to get himself out of a sticky situation with nothing more than a multi-tool and a roll of duct tape. He was the quintessential thinking man’s hero. But now he’s going to be a she…

I had a  MacGyver type character in mind when I was developing the hero of FUSION. A guy who has absolutely no military ‘killer’ training. The closest thing to a weapon he’s ever held is a soldering iron. But he can use it to devastating effect… read the book to find out 😉

In a TV landscape dominated by ex-military heroes, who are all borderline psycho-killers, it’s great that MacGyver is making a comeback, but this time as a woman. The new show developers are looking to create “the first great TV show starring an iconic female engineer character” and hoping to inspire young women to take up science and engineering careers.

To this end they are running a competition for budding scriptwriters to submit a synopsis of a pilot episode to before 17 April. Five winners will receive $5,000 and get the chance to develop their script with a Hollywood producer.


So here’s a little reminder of the great man in action….

And if you fancy finding out more about the MacGyver reboot…

BONUS!!! Here a video of Talking Heads Psycho-killer, enjoy!

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