I decided to give the Colony Mars series a smarter look and designed up some new covers.


I really liked the cover on the first book, the second book not so much. So when it came to getting a cover done for the third I decided that it was time to look at all of them again and go for a more branded look. I really like the way they turned out. The dark sky follows across all three, as does the style of text. Book two looks much stronger, but my new favourite has to be book three. Love that rover on the left, looks the business.

The third book should be out soon, just finishing up with the editor at the moment.

Can’t wait…


  • Bob Ciminel says:

    I’ve enjoyed both Colony books and look forward to Colony 3. My only comment is please stop using “further” for “farther.” Don’t be offended; there are many authors who share this mistake.

    • Very interesting, I had always assumed that there was no difference and that both were interchangeable. However, you’re correct, and a quick google (http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/further-versus-farther) reveals that they are indeed used in different contexts. Farther is used with reference to distance and further is more figurative. For example; We’re no farther along in our journey, as opposed to, we’re no further to the truth. Where physical distance is not obvious in the sentence then further can be used.
      Fortunately I use Scrivener as my writing software so it should be relatively simple to check my usage and amend. Thanks for the tip.

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