I’ve spent the last few weeks developing a book promotion service for indie authors. My writing has taken a bit of a hit,  I’m only half way through Colony One Mars. But still, it’s been a good time investment so far.

The idea came from a post on Writers’ Café on Kboards, and if you have not heard of it before, I suggest you check it out. It’s by far the best author community on the Internet, full of great people and invaluable information.

As a new Indie Author I was acutely aware that there are very few places on the Internet where I could promote my book for free. Lots of places want a truck load of reviews or will only promote your book if it’s free.

So the idea that was discussed was simple. Since, as indie authors, we all have websites why don’t we cross promote each other’s books. In essence, I’ll promote your books on my site if you promote my books on yours.

Even if your site doesn’t get much traffic, if you network lots of sites together then it all adds up to a huge amount of visitors. Better yet, most of this traffic is from readers, people who are interested in reading books and discovering new authors.

BookPromoCoop.com leverages this by displaying your books across a wide network of connected websites, making it a new way for Indie Authors to promote each other. We manage this network and provide you with a simple and equitable platform to add your books and manage what you want to show on your website.

It’s very easy to use and you can get started in minutes. Just create an account and add your books using your ASIN number. Then add some code on your website and that’s it. You are now promoting authors on your site, and likewise, your books are being promoted on other sites.

You can filter the books you want to promote and you can even add in your Amazon affiliate code if you have one. Meaning you can be making money from the books sold via your site.

What’s more, the service is completely free.

So if you are an Indie Author, with one book or a hundred, then you really should join BookPromoCoop today.

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