I give you the experimental EmDrive. A bizarre contraption defying the standard laws of physics. It’s essentially a microwave in a box. How this could possibly provide forward thrust is beyond the realms of common sense physics. But work it does.

Extraordinarily it was the brain child of a ‘garden shed‘ inventor, albeit, a very smart one. It has been scoffed at by the physics establishment and vilified by rocket scientists and would have languished in blissful oblivion only for the interest shown by Chinese scientists… soon followed, hot on their heels, by NASA.

In test after test it has shown that indeed a microwave, in an enclosed metal cone, can provide forward motion. Very similar to that of ion engines. How it works, nobody can really explain without delving in to the murky realms of quantum physics.

Ultimately it is an extraordinary breakthrough for space travel. Here is a basic engine, with no moving parts, not subjected to enormous forces, that works simply by electricity.

“Take her to warp speed five, Scotty.”

Read more here and here.

P.S. No prizes for guessing where my next book is going to be set.


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