Exodus The Belt Book Five Out Now!

At last… the wait is over! Exodus, book 5 of The Belt has been released so you’ll finally be able to find out what happened to Luca and the crew. To recap and bring you back up to speed: After the battle for New World One, Luca has descended into a deep catatonic state from

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Perseverance – Mars 2020

Sometime on the 18th February one of the most complex Mars exploration rovers ever built will attempt to land on the planet surface. I say ‘attempt’ as nothing is certain when it comes to landing on Mars. That being said, the seven minuets of terror (the time it takes from entering the atmosphere to touch

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Colony Six Mars out now!

Well, here it is! Plains of Utopia – Colony Six Mars. All the main characters are back, including reader’s favorite, Gizmo. I wanted this book to be a kind of finale, where all loose ends are tied up and the story completed. So I think this is it for the series. Hope you enjoy it.

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