‘Clean hair, good teeth, all 10 fingers. Must be nice.’


I played Fallout 4, back in the day, and loved it both for its gameplay and also for its well crafted story aesthetic. So when I head it was to be adapted as a TV series by the same studio that brought us the Rings of Power I was not expecting too much. How wrong I was.

The new Fallout TV series is a masterful blend of classic post-apocalyptic themes and a refreshing dose of ’50s nostalgia, closely matching the look and feel of the original games, mostly Fallout 4. Set initially during a 1950s Cold War America, the show transitions to a future Vault 33, maintaining the era’s ethos with a dystopian twist. Walton Goggins is outstanding as both the golden-era TV star turned ghoul, while Ella Purnell’s portrayal of Lucy’s loss of innocence encapsulates the series’ emotional depth.

The show weaves humor, horror, and heart, balancing action with profound character development. Not just for series veterans, its clever narrative and engaging visuals make it a must-watch for all. 

If you haven’t seen it, drop everything and go watch it now!