[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”W” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-no-border-color”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]hat follows is the last known communication from Colony One. It consists of two messages, ten days (sols) apart.


Colony One: Sol #1:435 Transmit ID:N.L-1027

This may be our last transmit for some time, we cannot spare the power. Sandstorm continues unabated. We are down to 27% energy levels and have deactivated all non-essential systems. Solar array unable to recharge batteries due to darkened sky, running at only 17% efficiency. Plutonium power source has failed and attempts by EVA to find the fault have proved fatal. Those who have ventured outside to repair have not returned. If storm does not clear we will run out of power in approximately fourteen sols.



Colony One: Sol #1:445 Transmit ID:N.L-1028

Sandstorm has continued for seventy-two sols, it will never end. We are down to 7% power. All colonists have assembled in the main bio-dome to conserve energy. All systems shutdown except minimal life support. Very cold. Array efficiency now at 5%.

To add to our woes a strange malaise has overcome many of us who remain. A deep psychological psychosis affects one in three. We are prepared as best we can, we all know what is coming, we wait in hope even though that now seems futile.

Send no more.



  • MJ Grueso says:

    I kinda of liked the way you wrote this part when it was still chapter two. The significance of all the events were clearer. I still maintain though that it was better as prologue. So this is one point for me. Lol!

    If you are going to put in only the last two transmissions on the prologue I think it will be better if you put no context at all, just the last transmissions and who submitted them but not include the part “There is also a poignant irony….” I think it will be better if you weave this part into the story leaving out the poignant irony. We readers like it better when you let us realize for ourselves bits like this one. (At least I do. ?)

  • Thanks for the feedback. I felt the original chapter two lacked drama and sounded more like notes to myself. So I’m weaving it in to the story it progresses. We’ll see how it goes. I think you’re right about the context of the transmissions. I will keep it simple and let it come out in the story.

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