Well, here it is! Plains of Utopia – Colony Six Mars.

All the main characters are back, including reader’s favorite, Gizmo. I wanted this book to be a kind of finale, where all loose ends are tied up and the story completed.

So I think this is it for the series. Hope you enjoy it.

You and find it here – US : UK : CA : AU : FR : DE

When an Earth-bound ship explodes on the launchpad in Jezero City, and the DNA from two bodies recovered at the site are found to be an exact match, Dr. Jann Malbec is convinced that they are the product of a covert cloning program. More troubling still is that the DNA is a very close match to the reclusive and enigmatic Xenon.

Meanwhile, newly promoted Mars Envoy, Mia Sorelli, finds herself stuck on the planet after her ride back to Earth is now a charred hunk of metal. She begins to get an uneasy feeling that someone may be trying to assassinate her, and Mia’s suspicions start to focus on a clandestine group of Xenon’s followers.

As these parallel investigations begin to converge, it becomes apparent to both Jann and Mia that the peaceful and simple lifestyle of the Xenonists is not all that it seems. There is a darker ideology bubbling underneath the surface, one that threatens to bring catastrophe to the entire population on Mars.

But will anyone believe them in time?

You can find it here:

US : UK : CA : AU : FR : DE