This took a good deal of work to get done, but finally I have the map for Jezero Crater.

This shows all the major locations in the new book, as well as the routes in and out of the crater. It is a reasonably accurate rendering of the actual crater. This is pretty much how it looks in real life (apart from the human activity). You can even check it out on Wikipedia here, yes that’s right, Jezero Crater has it’s own page.



Check out the bestselling Colony Mars series.

All contact is lost with the first privately funded colony on Mars during a long and destructive sandstorm — the fifty-four colonists who called it home are presumed dead. Three years later, a new mission sets down on the planet surface to investigate what remains.

Surpassed Expectations - This was an outstanding read!

Entertaining Hard SF with great characters

A Must Read Sci-Fi Space Story

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  • Stephen Russell says:

    Im really enjoying this work by Gerald M. Kilby I’ve just got about halfway through Colony One but have bought all 4 books. I have an interest in Mars anyway and so far this work feels about right. Science Fiction based of factual information. Its believable and i like the Characters. Though I’m now 60 I play a bit of Traveller RPG and using these books as a bases for a scenarios set on the Red Planet. The map is very handy. I look forward to reading much more from Mr Kilby

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