Blue Eye Samurai, a masterpiece!


One of the best TV series I’ve watched all year has to be Blue Eye Samurai. A stunning, well-crafted story of revenge and retribution in Edo-era Japan.

I happened upon it one evening while looking for something to watch on Netflix, having had no prior knowledge of the series. But by the first ten minutes, I was hooked and soon realized I was engaged in something truly special.

What sets this series apart from the crowd is the quality of the storytelling. It is a true masterclass in the art of screenwriting, with complex characters, an engaging plot, and stunning visuals.

For me, episode 5 was possibly the most accomplished episode of TV that I have ever seen, with the story told over three different, interwoven timelines, in three completely different styles… a true masterpiece of storytelling.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then do yourself a favor, drop everything and watch it now.