Ok, in a recent interview with Mr. Musk he eventually gets on to the subject of Mars and regards it as “a fixer upper of a planet.” It can be made  more like Earth if it can be made hotter. He goes on to explain that there’s the slow way and then there’s the short cut – which is much more interesting.

The slow way is to release greenhouse gases, the same process that’s warming the Earth. We all know how that works. However, the fast way is to drop a few nukes over Mars’ poles. Quite how this works I have no idea but it sounds like something only Musk would dream up. I would be very interested in knowing the physics behind this. Why nukes? and why the poles? Perhaps someone out there could give me some clues as to the process.

Wait… is that an evil laugh I hear…. mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha.


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