As the conflict in the asteroid belt escalates, Luca finds herself seeking out the help of Athena, the QI on Earth. Together they hatch a complex plan to end the power of the VanHeilding family.

Meanwhile, resistance to the ongoing power grab by the Xiang Zu Corporation is gaining traction in Elektra, a quadruple asteroid system and the second most populous sector of the Belt. Miranda, Scott, and Cyrus find themselves being dragged into this fightback following rumors that the QI, stolen en route to New World One, has resurfaced in the hands of the rebels.

Yet, for there to be any resolution to the conflict, Luca must ultimately face-off against the army of node-runners arrayed against her on New World One. She knows it will be a fight to the death, there can only be one winner, but is she ready?

The fate of humanity is resting on the outcome.

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