Power Vacuum: Moon Base Delta Book Three Out Now.


Power Vacuum, the final book in my Moon Base Delta series is now out.

You can find it here: US | UK | CA | AU

Survival hangs in the balance for Renton Hicks and his fellow colonists at Moon Base Delta. With a tight blockade being imposed by the Xilinex Corporation, their supplies are running dangerously low.

Hope emerges in the form of a Martian evacuation ship, carrying genetic engineering technology that could potentially secure their future. However, getting their hands on it demands not just outwitting Xilinex, but also securing assistance from the last vestiges of the SINO power block.

It’s a high-stakes gamble, fraught with danger — aligning with their former adversaries might invite more trouble than it’s worth. Yet their dire circumstances leave them with no choice but to take drastic action. They must take a bet on this alliance, hoping it will keep them one step ahead of starvation.