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PAPERBACK: US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

INTERIOR: Standard Black & White Print on 60# Cream Paper

COVER: Full Color, Matte

PAGES: 266

Random events ignite a chain reaction with deadly consequences.

A lone yachtsman witnesses a murder on board a luxury super yacht while making port in the glamorous principality of Monaco. He’s there to meet his daughter who’s part of the army of global media arriving in the south of France to witness the launch of the world’s first fully sustainable fusion reactor, ITER, and what they hope will be the dawn of a new golden age for humanity.

But in his efforts to persuade the authorities that a murder has taken place, he begins to uncover what he suspects is a clandestine plot by foreign agents to ensure that the most complex machine ever constructed, and all who have gathered there to report on this historic event, end up as a cloud of irradiated dust.

To make matters worse, he soon becomes a target to be eliminated. Yet he must somehow stay alive long enough to convince the authorities the plot is real and to act before it’s too late. Because if he fails, then his own daughter will be dead.

Ignition in T minus 36 hours…