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bestselling Colony Mars Series

A devastating dust storm. A colony on the edge of extinction. Only one person can save them. But first they need to start a revolution.

In the midst of the most devastating dust storm in the history of Mars, the survival of the half million people who call it home is hanging in the balance.

Yet for Major Mia Sorelli, of the Mars Law and Order Department, it’s just another sol at the office — another sol trying to keep the desperate and angry citizens from tearing themselves apart.

But when she’s sent to investigate the death of a fellow officer in the lawless industrial city of Syrtis, she begins to suspect that the endless dust storm may not be the only thing threatening their survival.

With the help of her semi-sentient droid, Gizmo, they uncover a plot so heinous that her faith in humanity is almost shattered — and the only way for her to get it back, and save the colony, is to start a goddamn revolution.

Mia must now face down her old fears if she is to save, not just herself, but the entire population of Jezero City.

This book can be read as a standalone novel.


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What Amazon readers are saying:
★★★★★ ‘Surpassed Expectations – This was an outstanding read!’
★★★★★ ‘It’s been a long time since a book made me stay up all night just to find out the ending. This book is superb!’
★★★★★ ‘Fast paced, intriguing science fiction thriller that just rolls off the pages. Can’t wait for the next installment…’
★★★★★ ‘A wonderful adventure… Like a blend of Heinlein and Weir…’
★★★★★ ‘This is a superior work of Sci-Fi authorship. The novel is totally engaging and highly believable The author is technically well versed which adds greatly to the authenticity of the narrative. A must read.’
★★★★★ ‘I really enjoyed this book… A real roller-coaster. Great characters. believable plot-line and nail-biting suspense.’
★★★★★ ‘Love it. Could not put it down. Action drama, death and mayhem. What’s not to like?’
★★★★★ ‘I don’t normally read SF but my husband got it and I started looking at it… and couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed it.’
★★★★★ ’Terrific novel! …my only comment is that I lost a lot of sleep reading… Think I will wait till morning to start Colony Two. On second thought what the heck – it’s only 3:30 AM!’

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