Videos & Trailers

The ramblings of Gerald M. Kilby

Write Like A Reader 13:41

I did this video for the Dublin Writers Conference 2020. In it I talk about my experience of writing both from a detailed outline, and also starting with nothing more that a vague idea.

Enigma 12:39

The concepts behind the new book in The Belt series.

Surface Tension 1:45

Just a quick video to tell you a little about the new book in the Colony Mars series, Surface Tension.

What does Gizmo look like? 10:18

In this video I talk about how we, as readers, visualize characters in books, and how that is different to movies. I also get into answering some questions, mainly on what Gizmo looks like.

Colony Mars Trailer 0:30

I’ve been playing around with After Effects trying to put together a video ad for my Colony Mars series. It’s a complicated program to get to grips with, but this is my first stab at it. I’m pleased at how it turned out, so I might do a few more… just for the fun of it!