Looks like I’ll be on a few different panels at Worldcon 2019. Happy to hook up with any fans that may be around. Here’s my schedule.
AI is coming for your art
Format: Panel
17 Aug 2019, Saturday 10:30 – 11:20, Odeon 2 (Point Square Dublin)
AIs are writing, drawing, sculpting, and making music. In China, artificial people are already reporting the news. As the value of art dissipates in the digital world, are the Terminators coming for our paintbrushes?
How science and ordinary people can change the future
Format: Panel
18 Aug 2019, Sunday 11:00 – 11:50, Liffey Room-1 (CCD)
We are doctors, bakers, ship captains, actors, taxi drivers, rabbis, and more. We are ordinary people in ordinary walks of life, and the future is in our hands. How do we play our part in changing the future? How can science help us to navigate the path? And how do we know what course to set? Even if we can change the future, should we? And what gives us the right to make that choice for others?
The art of collaboration
Format: Panel
18 Aug 2019, Sunday 14:00 – 14:50, Liffey Room-1 (CCD)
Collaboration isn’t always easy – learning to work with others, even your friends, can be tricky – but it can create some amazing results. Our participants share their experiences, advice, and questions as they reveal the joys and pitfalls of partnered art.