Make your emails can look like that of a genius. A new font based on Albert Einstein’s handwriting is being created, to coincide with the 100th year anniversary of the theory of relativity.

Using a Kickstarter campaign, German typographer Harald Geisler and the Harvard-trained physicist turned dancer Elizabeth Waterhouse are about to embark on the last laborious stages of production for the typeface.  The collaboration began in 2009, over a series of coffees in Frankfurt. Liz remembers looking at a text written in a handwriting font (on her napkin at the coffee shop) and asking Harald if he could design one. The idea to make a “life-like” handwriting font from studying penmanship of innovative thinkers came next.

The research for this project involved analysing  hundreds of pages of manuscripts in Einstein’s archives. With a pen stylus, Geisler traced samples of Einstein’s scrawl over and over again until he developed an intuition and intimacy with the Nobel Prize winner’s script, slant, rhythm and form. “This knowledge provides a foundation that I can improvise on,” Geisler tells Quartz. “This is necessary for the @ sign or the € sign—characters that were not common or had not been invented during the time of Einstein.”

While similar handwriting-based fonts are already commercially available, such as Cézanne, Picasso, Michelangelo, even Barack Obama to name a few. However, Geisler and Waterhouse are not satisfied with the overly simplistic approach to font-making.

“Handwriting varies depending on mood, speed, and materials used.” 

“If you look closely at many handwriting fonts, the scripted letters are repeated without variation—nothing like the actual art of writing with a pen or pencil,” “(It) varies depending on mood, speed, and materials used.” The Albert Einstein font will have at least four variations on each letter, creating a lines of text that are more “life-like,” so the effect will be that no two successive letters will look alike.

The font is being designed to be compatible with PC, Linux and Mac operating systems and will work on mobile phones and tablets.

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